Can Dog and Cat Fleas Live On Humans?

Beware! Fleas have entered your house. Is your dog scratching or biting itself? Have you noticed that your pets spin erratically and fleas jump out of them? Yes, there can be a serious flea infestation and that too can be problematic for your pets. But what if these blood-sucking creatures jump onto you? Terrifying, right? Now, your first concern would be for your pets as they would have to face a lot of problems because of the fleas. But again a thought rushes in your mind, “Can pet fleas live on humans?” Well, today, we are going to answer the same question for you. Read the whole blog and get answers to all your doubts. 

We explain to you how fleas can be harmful to us humans and what are the types of fleas that live on humans. If you ever had a flea bite, then you would have probably known that fleas can cause problems to humans too. Let’s clear all these doubts and understand the relation of fleas with humans. 

Clearing Doubts On Relation Between Humans and Fleas

So, can dog and cat fleas live on humans? Exactly not. Do not get relieved by seeing this because fleas might not dwell on human bodies but they can inhibit human dwellings. This can be in the presence or absence of pets. Fleas on humans can bite you but cannot live on you. There are many kinds of fleas and each kind of flea prefers a specific kind of host. Did you know there is a particular kind of fleas called human fleas? Yes, you heard that right. Human fleas mostly prefer to live and feed on humans or pigs. However, they are not so common in homes and developed cities. Because these kinds of fleas can be seen only in places near to wildlife. Farms can also get affected by fleas, especially if you have pig pens.

About Different Fleas

Speaking about cats and dogs, the most common types of fleas that are seen on your pets are Ctenocephalides canis and Ctenocephalides felis. Cat and dog fleas are formed in such a way that they could hide in the fur. The hairless body of humans anyway does not make a perfect spot for them to hide. But still, people living with pets have to face flea infestations. And once they reproduce, these fleas compete for blood and if they can’t get proper blood from your pet due to excess population, they can bite you! Fleas usually bite on your ankles or lower parts of your legs. These bites can be very itchy, especially when you are allergic to them. 

Fleas can live in your home in the absence of pets

Even though fleas rarely live on humans as discussed earlier, they can still live in your home in the absence of pets. At such times, the only option for them to feed on is humans. So, if they infest your house and could not find cats or dogs to feed, they will definitely consider you to be their meal. This is because fleas are not host-specific which means they prefer cats and dogs as their host but they can happily feed on either of the cats and dogs and also on humans sometimes. Nevertheless, scientific research and study show that our body is difficult for fleas to attach and also that they do not provide enough heat for their survival.

Ask Experts About Fleas And Their Control Methods

By now, you might have understood that flea infestation is never harmless. In fact, flea infestation has the potential to cause harm to humans too. Anyhow, we cannot control all kinds of fleas and if their population is large, then it becomes even more difficult. That is why it is always better to leave flea problems to the professionals. 

We at Pest Control Newtown have a professional staff of flea controllers. They are well trained, certified, and licensed to provide all kinds of flea control services. All of them have great knowledge of fleas and they know how to remove them using unique methods. So, if you ever face a problem with fleas at your home, without panic you can call our professional pest control team immediately. We will reach your place as soon as possible and start the flea extermination treatment right away.